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Machine roomless lift

Compared with conventional passenger lifts, machine-room-less passengerlift manufactured by Shanghai Alpha has following features and superiorities:

Simplified Building Design: free frommachine room, with no loading on top of the lift well, so that lifts may beeasy to fuse with the building.
Reduction of Construction Cost: Machine-room-less lifts can save time,material and cost for building construction. Simplified delivery procedure,high efficient pre-installation and installation techniques can ensure theimplementation of buildings. In this way, lift project will no longer affectthe progress of construction, and in return, guarantees the safety and qualityof construction.

Full Use of Space: The machine-room-lessdesign can help to maximize the usable space of buildings to its largest extent.

Shanghai Alpha Machine-room-less Passenger Lifthas multiple available structures for customers to choose: the car roofmachine-room-less, the overhead machine-room-less, and the underneathmachine-room-less.

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