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Business concept:Shanghai Alfa elevator company has always been people-oriented, customer-centric, service to society, at the same time, equal treatment of employees, balance the interests of stakeholders, to promote team spirit, and to encourage innovation.Enterprise policy:To the market as the goal, to customers as the center, to brand as the means, service to customers operating principles, to build Chinas elevator enterprise new image.Enterprise culture:Alfa Shanghai Elevator Company Limited since the initial start to establish a "people-oriented" strategy, pay attention to personnel training and use. Our human resource policy is to create a" keep people cause, treatment to keep people, keep people feeling" of the family business atmosphere, let employee and enterprise grow, let employees in Shanghai Alfa had "a sense of achievement"," family warmth". And the company has a complete staff development communication management system, to improve and enhance human resources employee relationship management level, leading the company to management decision-making provide important reference information.Most people are touched by, many ordinary in the ordinary jobs on the staff, can be hard to do their own work; some of the general line of the workers in order to improve production efficiency, a technical reform, their home out of money used his spare time to do. If everyone can work hard to create, to invent, to do his work well, make their work to improve step by step, no matter what difficulties we have to overcome!Everyone wants to get the respect of others, hope that his own value is recognized. As long as the staff to create value for customers, you affirmed its value, this is our management core.Each al legal person has their own dream, but the dream must and Alfa create the world famous big goals together.