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ALPHA lift persists in the concept that the perfect requirements to a product does not merely mean the product itself and itsadvantageous performance. Only has it been added with the perfect and high standard service guarantee, can it bring about the max Satisfaction to vast users, and only in this way, can the users truly enjoy the value-added pleasure from the product quality. Alpha lift is serving the progressively-increased customers by this very heart and soul serving idea. Alpha provides extensive customers with the services including analysis suggestion, customer training, systematic running maintenance, long-distance monitor, responsive time, hotline support, inquiry support, superior parts warehouse construction and so on. They have been covered in the whole process. We are firmly convinced that only are we scrupulous about every detail, can it reach the acme of perfection. All these will guarantee the finest condition of your lift running.
Our service should not only ensure your security, but also guarantee your investment in the equipment aspects. The true service is to foresee and satisfy the special requirements from vast customers. Because the service definition varies according to the customers demands. Therefore we should have the extensive and characteristic methods in satisfying these requirements.
Our personnel offers the services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.