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German Alfa elevator one drive Limited is a world famous manufacturer of high precision gear. The German Alfa company to the pursuit of the leading precision technology for the purpose, always put the product positioning in the high, refined, sharp notch, and general technology company, with strong technical strength is committed to a high precision mechanical and electrical integration of product development, manufacturing and sales.The German Alfa company developed the high precision planetary gear box is the European aerospace and military technology and special products, but also widely used in many other fields of high precision equipment, such as robot and manipulator, high-precision automated production assembly line, high-precision CNC machine tools, the elevator traction machine and senior civilian equipment, many international famous companies are Alfa companys fixed users and partners.The German Alfa company with strong technical force developed high-performance Alfa mortor resides international patent products, its performance fully revealed Alfas transmission technology.Shanghai Alfa Elevator Company Limited uphold the German Alfa s excellent technology, to create suitable for international standards of high quality elevator, established a product in the market leading position.