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As a large elevator enterprise,Shanghai Alpha Lift Co., Ltd. does not regard it as our sole mission to manufacture and sell fine-quality elevators. They are always deemed as an indispensable part of our civilized society and our mission is to create a harmony for the society.
While manufacturing and selling all kinds of elevators, we are sincerely providing our customers with high-quality installation service.
After components are shipped to the site, Shanghai Alpha provides a complete series of installation service of professional erectors, from mechanical assembling, electrical commissioning, trial run up to hand-over.
Based on your different requirements on elevator installation, we will offer various forms of installation services. In line with your specific requirements, we will provide a flexible combination of installation methods under the precondition that installation norms are implemented and installation quality is ensured. If you have any demand, just get into contact with the engineering department of our local branches.
“Final assembly” of an elevator is completed on site, and site installation must be organizedunder a completeefficientqualityassurance system as the most important link in elevatorassembly. Only in this way can the general quality of elevator product be realized. Starting from the moment when you sign the installation contract with our company, your elevators will be integrated into our quality assurance system.
Through continuous exploration and improvement, we have expanded the installation quality stage into a more profound quality control stage. A good connection between such factors as corporate culture, management framework, R&D, personnel qualification, service network and quick response injects completely new contents to quality to provide you with the first-rate product quality, first-rate engineering quality and first-rate service quality.