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Bed lift

Shanghai Alpha Bed Lift series adhere to the concept of pragmatism. Byfully taking into consideration the specialties of bed lifts, Shanghai Alphahas designed special bed lifts for hospitals, modern medical centers, sanatoriums,health care centers and other medical institutions. Based on excellent qualityand advanced technology, Shanghai Alpha puts itself in the position of patientsand medical personnel, with the objective to meticulously implement itsenterprise concept: “to create a more harmonious living space”.
Bed lifts are mainly used to transport passengers. Moreover, owning toits specialty, there are also special and strict requirements on the functionand performance of lifts. The bed lift series developed by Shanghai Alpha canaccurately control the operation speed, so as to maintain a stable and comfortablestate. By carrying forward the quality of the German Alpha Brand: caring humanity,Shanghai Alpha attaches great importance on optimization of structure of liftcars, so as to fully meet customers’ demands, and to create users with a peacefuland elegant space.
With unique design ideology, Shanghai Alpha Bed Lift series are makingefforts to be harmoniously integrated with the environment of hospitals, tocreate a clean, bright and warm environment, to provide users with a comfortableatmosphere, as well as to give patients the confidence of recuperation.

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